Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 trường THCS Mỹ Hưng, Hà Nội năm học 2014 – 2015

Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 có đáp án

Trong bài viết này, Tailieu247.edu.vnxin gửi bạn Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 trường THCS Mỹ Hưng, Hà Nội năm học 2014 – 2015 với nhiều dạng bài tập hay và hữu ích dành cho các em học sinh ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức để sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi sắp tới. Sau đây mời các em làm bài và tham khảo đáp án cuối bài.

Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 huyện Thanh Oai năm học 2014 – 2015 – Đề A

Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 huyện Thanh Oai năm học 2014 – 2015 – Đề B

Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 huyện Tây Trà, Quảng Ngãi năm học 2011 – 2012

I. Select A, B, C or D only to indicate the word whose bold and underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. looked B. watched C. carried D. stopped

2. A. study B. success C. surprise D. sugar

3. A. unite B. underline C. university D. uniform

4. A. danger B. angry C. language D. passage

5. A. character B. children C. teacher D. change

II. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the following questions.

6. Are you interested………..playing badminton after class?

A. in B. with C. on D. for

7. “What………going to Hanoi tomorrow?”

A. to B. in C. about D. for

8. Hoa works very……….so she always gets good marks.

A. badly B. good C. hardly D. hard

9. The building was built ………1962 and 1969.

A. between B. from C. since D. for

10. This school……….in 1997

A. built B. is built C. was built D. has built

11. Of all my friends, Hoa is………….

A. the tallest B. the most tallest C. taller D. more taller

12. Would you mind if I……………a photo ?

A. take B. took C. would take D. am going to take

13. Last week I ……………my children to the biggest zoo in town.

A. got B. brought C. fetch D. took

14. Are you proud…………….your country and its tradition ?

A. about B. on C. of D. for

15. Do you collect stamps or other things? – Yes, I am a stamp………….

A. collecting B. collector C. collect D. collection

16. It is very dangerous ………….. in the polluted environment.

A. to live B. lives C. living D. live

17. Our ………….. resources are limited so we should recycle all used things.

A. nature B. natural C. naturing D. naturally

18. His car is the same color …………. my uncle’s.

A. alike B. as C. like D. to

19. This ruler …………….. of plastic.

A. make B. made C. is making D. is made

20. I take part ………….. most youth activities of my school.

A. in B. of C. on D. at

III. Complete the following questions with the correct preposition.

21. She isn’t here ________________ the moment.

22. Warm clothes protect us ________________ bad weather.

23. What do you often do ________________ weekends.

24. We haven’t seen him _____________ last month.

25. He had an accident and was taken __________ hospital.

26. We regarded him ____________ a famous doctor.

27. You’re better ask __________ the information desk.

28. He borrowed $ 100 ______________ his father.

29. “Hamlet” is ____________ Shakespeare.

30. Jane fell _________ her bike and hit head on the road.

IV. Fill the blanks with the right form of the CAPITAL words provided in the right column.

31. Their children have quite _____________ characters. DIFFERENCE

32. What is the correct ______________of this word? PRONOUNCE

33. Relax for some minutes and you’ll feel more _________ COMFORT

34. She is one of the greatest ______________ to appear in this theater. PERFORM

35. My house is on the top of a hill. It’s very __________ there in the fall. WIND

36. It is _______________ to eat too much sugar and fatty food. HEALTH

37. During his _____________ the family lived in Cornwall. CHILD

38. Bell ______________ demonstrated his invention. SUCCESS

39. Every day, there are two _________ from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh city. FLY

40. ______________ , dark clouds appeared and it began to rain. SUDDEN

V. Give the correct form of the verb in brackets.

41. Will you wait a minute while I (look) ____________ through the text?

42. “I hear you’ve bought a new house.” – “Yes, I (move) __________ in next week”.

43. Look at those black clouds. It (rain) __________.

44. The film (begin) ___________ at 7.30 or 8.00 this evening ?

45. Mai (telephone)____________ you when she comes back.

46. The pens (produce) _________by Thien Long Company are usually cheap and good.

47. “Do you mind if I sit here?” – “I’d rather you ( sit ) __________ over there”.

48. The price (become) __________ more and more expensive these days.

49, 50. Mr. Binh (know) ______ how to drive a car although he (not learn) ________ it yet.

VI. Complete the following passage by choosing the best option, A, B, C or D.

For many people, traveling by plane is an exciting experience. Others, however, find the whole idea quite terrifying, (50) _____ flying is no more dangerous (51) __________ any other form of travel and some experts say it is considerably safer. It is known, however, that most accident occurs (52) ______________ taking off and landing when a (53) _________ decisions are vitally important.

The people, (54) _______ job is to look (55) ______________ the passengers, the stewards and stewardesses play an important part in helping passengers to (56) ___________ safe and comfortable. Indeed for many passengers being (57) ___________ such care of is all part of the total experience. (58) ____________ other form of travel involves waiting for people in quite the same (59) __________, with food, drink, newspapers, magazines, music, and even video films.

51- A. although B. too C. and D. because

52- A. than B. as C. then D. with

53- A. while B. during C. for D. through

54- A. leader’s B. chief ‘s C. driver’s D. pilot’s

55- A. whose B. which C. their D. that

56- A. for B. up C. after D. round

57- A. feel B. rest C. experience D. lie

58- A. given B. kept C. shown D. taken

59- A. Any B. No C. All D. Not

60- A. way B. kind C. sort D. part

VII. Read the following passage and complete the numbered blanks with one suitable word only.

When I (61) ________ a child I used (62)________ go to see my grandmother. I thought her house was (63) ________ beautiful as a palace and the garden seemed bigger than a park. (64) _______ I grew (65) __________ the house and (66) __________ seemed smaller but I still loved visiting the old lady. There were so many beautiful things in the house. Sometimes, I played (67) _________ the doll’s house which was older than grandmother herself. At (68) ____________ times, I looked (69)___________ books which were (70)_________ interesting than my children’s book at home.


Câu I. 1 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. A

Câu II. 2 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

6. A 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. C

11. A 12. B 13. D 14. C 15. B

16. A 17. B 18. B 19. D 20. A

Câu III. 2 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

21. at 22. from 23. At/ on 24. since 25. to

26. as 27. at 28. from 29. by 30. off

Câu IV. 3 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,3 điểm

31. different 32. pronunciation 33. comfortable 34. performers 35. windy

36. unhealthy 37. childhood 38. successfully 39. flights 40. suddenly

Câu V. 2 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

41. am looking

42. am going to move ( am moving)

43. is going to rain

44. Does …… begin

45. will telephone 46. produced

47. sat

48. is becoming

49. knows

50. hasn’t learned/ learnt

Câu VI/ 2 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

51. A 52. A 53. B 54. D 55. A

56. C 57. A 58. D 59. B 60. A

Câu VII. 3 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,3 điểm

61. was 62. to 63. Very/as 64. when 65. up

66. garden 67. with 68. that 69. in 70. more

Câu VIII. 1 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

71. C 72. D 73. B 74. D 75. C

Câu IX. 1 điểm – Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

76. It took Peter 3 hours to repair his house.

77. People recycle old car tires to make shoes and sandals.

78. we didn’t arrive early enough to see the film.

79. He asked me if I knew to speak EL.

80. We haven’t met each other for 10 years.

Câu X. 3 điểm

Học sinh tự viết.

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